Alex Seed Factory-117

Alexandria Company for Vegetable Oils Extraction (S.A.E) has been one of the major oil seeds processors in the MENA region with a mega production plan located in the heart of the Borg El-Arab industrial zone, Alexandria – Egypt.
The company has quickly achieved the recognition of both businesses and consumers as a quality manufacturer and a trusted supplier of oil seed products as Soya meal (Hi-Pro and Lo-Pro), soybean oil (crude degummed, semi-refined and fully refined oil) and Soy Lecithin. Also it has a strong presence in the FMCG market with three Soybean oil brands Solo, Shatara and Karameesh each targeting a different customer segment.
In 2017 Alexandria Co. adopted the first initiative to grow sunflower seeds in the Egyptian fields and extract the oil in their factories, creating a fully integrated process. Thus, positioning Alexandria Company’s product & brands as key player in the market. With 260 valuable and worthy highly qualified employees,Alexandria Co. has established two sister companies Solo Food Industries L.T.D and EGUS to best serve its vision and sustain.

the growth of the company through a strong distribution to the MENA region.We’re always oriented towards the satisfaction of our customers and consumers besides assuring the quality of the different product categories offered by the company, as well as execute trades translating to better and stable profit margins through hedging on Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) futures.


“To be a world class organization with state-of-the-art facilities to maintain sustained long-term growth and taking the competitive advantage of having a fully integrated process thus adding value to our customers, people and community”


“Our company is committed to produce high quality products and become leaders in the vegetable oil production and animal feed in the Mena region with a strong distribution system in local and foreign markets. We adopt latest technology, excellence in process and work with professional ethics to fulfill our commitment to customer needs. We respect our people’s professional development, and we value our human resources to create long -term organizational goals and to enhance our people’s standard of living; thus, improving our country’s economy”

Benefits of Working With Us


Producing top quality products to our customers is our number one priority. Through employing expertise from around the world, we are constantly up to date with the latest in the field for the benefit of our customers.

Human Resources

The factory is managed by human expertise, and operated by highly qualified technicians and experienced workers who are dedicated to achieving our vision and mission. We care about our people and intend to improve their well-being and the environment that they work in to maintain a better life for them.


The safety of our employees is just as important as the safety of the products we provide to our customers. We are committed to provide a healthy environment to our workers by implementing strict safety standards and procedures based on the best practices and regulatory standards.


The factory created a breakthrough in the industry by having a leadership role in automation; creating a fully automated factory with state of art technology to enhance the accuracy, repeatability & volume production, reduce human error and increase safety of our employees.



Starting from the finest beans and ending with our bottled brands, we are the one and only facility in the region that is fully integrated with the latest and state of art technology. This gives us the competition.


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